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Updated Skyblock Animal Protection

A new version of the Skyblock Animal Protection has just been uploaded to the server.

Villagers are now included in the list of the protected island animals in addition to cows, chickens, pigs and mooshroom cows. The original post that describes the protection in more detail can be found here.

Further more, splash potions of damage no longer damage any of the protected animals on islands other than your own. Thanks to X_e_p_h_o_s that helped find that it was possible to kill animals using these types of potions.

So if you have your animals locked in a pen with a protection sign at the door, nobody but your own island mates can harm them.

Skyblock updates and bugfixes

A lot of work has been put into adding the missing 1.4 items to our skyblock Minecraft server. The following items can now be obtained or crafted in-game:

  • Cobblestone and mossy cobblestone walls
  • Flower pots
  • Anvils
  • Leather armor dyeing
  • Carrot on a stick
  • Tripwire hooks
  • Enchanted golden apple
  • Item Frames
  • All types of stairs and half slabs
  • Beacons (if you can find the nether stars)
  • Wooden buttons
  • All new potions, including invisibility and night vision potions
  • A new song disc

Plus all the items which were already in game:

  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Pumpkin pies

In short, all 1.4.5 items are now live in game.

If you’re lucky you may see zombie villagers and armored zombies spawn on your island. Plus bats. Many many bats 🙂

The following bugs have also been fixed:

  • Crafting a map no longer corrupts your inventory and makes you unable to login. Maps can be safely crafted and used now.
  • Jumping on a chest is now possible and does no longer stuck you there.
  • Certain half slab corners no longer stuck your character when passing over them.

Plus many other small bugs have been squashed.

Enjoy 🙂

And another DDOS attempt

Someone out there surely loves us.

According to your hosting datacenter, the attackers hit us with a 492Mbps attack. But this time we were prepared. The traffic got filtered in about 30 seconds thanks to the awesome data center techs, and the server is fine and dandy.

Apart from the occasional disconnect of random players, that is. But when Internet pipes get tangled, weird things happen.

Get a life people. Read a book. Go out and have a walk in the park. Get a girlfriend.

Squid, Wolf and Ocelot eggs

Wolves and Ocelots can now be bought from the vote shop villagers. Same seller that was selling the other eggs now has both.

Squid eggs were previously only available for spacecoins. After saving up and buying in large volume, the villagers decided to sell them too. So now you can get Squid eggs from both shops: the spacecoin or the vote shop.

Remember, all these 3 despawn if you go too far or leave your island. So be prepared with bones, meat or fish to tame the wolf or ocelot right after you summon them or you risk losing them.

Also, kill the squid for it’s ink sacs right after summoning as they despawn if you go too far or leave your island too.


Not your animal and other fixes

Remember seeing the “This is not your animal” from the Animal Protection plugin?

Well, you won’t be seeing it anymore. The message, that is. The animal protection remains, minus the annoying messages.

Seeing as some players rightfully had issues with the thunders coming from the arenas, decided to disable it for now. I agree, with all 3 arenas going on at once it was pretty scary. Or annoying. Or both. Thunders everywhere.

Enjoy the peace of your skyblock as thunders between wave spawns in arena are now a thing of the past. down again

The authentication servers at Mojang are down for the moment, so you can’t login and play on any Minecraft server. Hope they will solve their problems soon.

A quote from Daniel Frisk’s Twitter, chief arhitect at Mojang:

There seems to be some kind of attack on our servers. DDoS is for losers who can’t hack properly.


Oh the irony… Should I feel humbled that we seem high profile enough that DDOS kiddies attacked us mere minutes before Mojang, or sad that said kiddies have no life?

Captcha at login

To prevent the type of attack from last night where someone used bots with hundreds of hacked Minecraft accounts to connect and spam the chat we’ve added a Captcha challenge at login.

When you log in, you will see a message like this:

Simply read the question in green and then type the answer in chat. Then press enter.

I’ve marked the areas with the question and the response with red rectangles in the image above.

Donators and known players will not see the captcha challenge at login.

Enjoy the added safety!