Captcha at login

To prevent the type of attack from last night where someone used bots with hundreds of hacked Minecraft accounts to connect and spam the chat we’ve added a Captcha challenge at login.

When you log in, you will see a message like this:

Simply read the question in green and then type the answer in chat. Then press enter.

I’ve marked the areas with the question and the response with red rectangles in the image above.

Donators and known players will not see the captcha challenge at login.

Enjoy the added safety!

4 thoughts on “Captcha at login

  1. manmat1

    My friend and I are currently banned? He messaged me this morning that spammers were in the chat on the server and that he was banned for being mistaken as a spammer.his username is Bowserrocks and mine is manmat1. Just letting you know, I love this server i have an amazing skyblock i dont wana lose it.

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      This is the message that got you banned:

      2012-11-17 01:11:51 [INFO] owserrocks] rape shitter in the babies

      What were you thinking saying that in the middle of similarly worded spam, not to mention the message contents itself? I’ve unbanned you both.

  2. DrabberKiller

    i was muted recently during the time of the spam, i think i was mistakened for a spammer, when will the mute wear off?

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      No, the reason you were muted had nothing to do with the spammers. You were muted for this:

      2012-11-16 19:19:29 [INFO] rabberkiller] (this is a joke) go to (link removed) for pvp! (link removed)!

      I have checked and the link doesn’t exist, so it was indeed a joke. However moderators are volunteers and can’t expect them to check every link people post to see if it’s really a joke or not. So don’t do it in future.

      You are unmuted.


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