DDOS attack undergoing

Our server is currently sustaining a DDOS attack. We’re working with our hosting provider to block the source of attack as soon as possible.

My apologies if the game might be a bit laggy.

I’ll update this notice when the attack has been completely isolated.

UPDATE: The attack has been completely isolated with the amazing help from our hosting provider. The server’s up and running, and we added some additional protection measures. I’ll post about it soon.

One thought on “DDOS attack undergoing

  1. [Mod] Echo_Silence

    I’m sorry to hear this I just woke up and wanted to join and I see that I can’t join the server. So I went on the website and I see the server is getting DDosed.. Now that is just messed up I can’t stand people that do this there is no point in DDosing. They may think its funny but it isn’t. Possibly the person who may be doing it could be another owner of a skyblock server. But good luck with fixing it.



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