Minecraft.net down again

The authentication servers at Mojang are down for the moment, so you can’t login and play on any Minecraft server. Hope they will solve their problems soon.

A quote from Daniel Frisk’s Twitter, chief arhitect at Mojang:

There seems to be some kind of attack on our servers. DDoS is for losers who can’t hack properly.

Source: http://twitter.com/danfrisk/status/269883097317769216

Oh the irony… Should I feel humbled that we seem high profile enough that DDOS kiddies attacked us mere minutes before Mojang, or sad that said kiddies have no life?

4 thoughts on “Minecraft.net down again

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      No, the server is fine and there are about 35 people online. I’ve checked and all connectivity is good server side.

  1. [Mod] Marked_One92596

    What’s going on? I leave for a little to focus on school some more, and we get DDos’d twice, and Minecraft.net goes down? You guys must really miss me.


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