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Modpack Description

Do you love playing Skyblock but feel progress is slow, resources scarce and your creativity limited? In Skyblock Unleashed manually grinding cobblestone for hours is a thing of the past. Introducing three different paths to suit your preferred playstyle: path of nature, path of technology and path of the apiarist. Pick one and master it or combine all three for maximum benefits, then augment it with transmutations to make sure you’re never forced to grind for that single diamond you need to move forward.

Progression is fun on it’s own – and quite fast – but end game is where the real fun is at. Design, create and explore crazy dimensions in single player or with friends, travel through Stargates or send robots and probes to explore deadly lands, battle your way through armies of monsters and loot long forgotten temples. But be warned: you’ll need tons of power to create and maintain your dimensions. Huge nuclear reactors or solar power plants will save the day. Manage your ever growing empire with fully programmable computer networks assisted by robots, drones and other crazy contraptions.

Is cooking your thing? Sushi, icecream or a cup of hot chocolate are but a few of over a hundred meals and desserts you can prepare for yourself and your friends. Speaking of friends, there are nearly 200 hats for you to collect, wear or trade with them.

When it comes to making your island really stand out there are hundreds of props, block styles and decor: from a mad scientist lair to a fairy maiden land of fluffiness and everything in between, your imagination is the only limiting factor.

Download Instructions

The modpack is available both in ATLauncher and FTB Launcher as a semi-public modpack. This means you will have to insert the pack code found below in your launcher of choice to be able to play our modpack.

Pack code for both launchers is: <TODO: insert modpack code here>

Download ATLauncher

Download FTB Launcher

Important notice!
While we strive to keep up to date the modpack in both launchers please note that if you use ATLauncher you will instantly see when we update a mod or change configuration settings which happens quite often. All FTB Launcher submissions are manually processed by their volunteer team and can take anywhere from a few hours to a day or two.

This means if you’re using FTB Launcher and playing on our official server you will be unable to connect and play until they push our update.

Another benefit for you is with ATLauncher you only download the changes, so faster and much smaller downloads, where with FTB Launcher you have to get the entire modpack even if we only change a single config file.

Therefore our recommendation is to use ATLauncher if you intend to play the Skyblock Unleashed modpack on our official server, get faster and smaller updates. Only use the FTB Launcher if instructed so by one of our staff members or if you don’t intend to play on the server.

Mod List

Every mod has been hand-picked to add to the unique experience provided by this modpack, then tested and configuration settings finely tuned over the course of several weeks both in single player and especially on our official server. Our goal was a balanced but fast progression, exploits patched and known bugs fixed.

See Skyblock Unleashed full list of mods, their authors and a brief description for each here: <TODO: insert link>