Animal protection

A lot of animal wars have been going in the past days, where someone from a neighboring island would come on a skybridge and start shooting with a bow and kill your animals, or jump on your island and kill your cows, chicken, or what have you.

Well, from now on you can no longer kill animals on other people islands. If you try, you’ll get a message like “This animal is not yours and you cannot kill it.”

People you’ve added to your own skyblock have the same rights as you do. They can build, destroy and kill anything on it. So keep this in mind when adding strangers to your own island.

Have a safe and fun experience on the best Minecraft Skyblock server, where we listen to our players needs!

6 thoughts on “Animal protection

  1. Mdtufts

    I just discovered after playing awhile that sticky pistons have been altered to not push sand so that we cant make sand generators. I’m pretty ticked off about it since its not stated in the rules and I had to spend a bunch of resources on the items to build it to find out. Why would you have a tutorial on how to make an infinite cobble generator but they say oh no sand generator is a bad idea. It makes no sense. While were on the subject of things not being stated until you find out the hard way it should note somewhere that the nether isn’t activated either. This server seems really nice because it doesn’t lag like my last and has a descent community and trade system but I’m getting tired of being disappointed.

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      You are right Mdtufts. I should have posted that sand generators have been disabled.

      There is a big difference between the sand and cobble generators. For the cobble, it requires human interaction in that you have to mine the cobble. With the sand, you’re just pushing a button and your inventory is filled with sand in 5 seconds, so apart from the initial effort of making it it’s just like me spawning items out of thin air.

      Apart from the bad effects this would have on the economy, practically making sand worthless, it also has an impact on the server stability. Just think the tens of thousands of items leaving the sand gen turned ON for 5 minutes would generate.

      The redstone to obsidian generator is okay too. The only one disabled is the sand generator.

      Nether isn’t yet active. It will be, but currently there’s no ETA on it.

      I will work on communicating these exceptions better in the future. Expect a full post on the site this weekend about where we are now, and the immediate schedule. Many new – and hopefully cool – things will be deployed either this weekend, or shortly after.

      1. Mdtufts

        Thank you for the sensible reply. I agree with the distinction between an interactive generator and an automatic one. I was just ticked to put in so much effort trading to get the supplies only to not have it work. As I said, thus far the server is great, the only drawback is that what I think of as basic information isn’t readily shared with newcomers and some lessons are hard learned. (for example, when using the /trade screen you must only put your items on either the top or bottom of the screen or they can be lost, though Ive had them reapper later most times. Also if the trade is cancelled your items sometimes drop on the floor, so face a wall while you do it)

  2. lowekeykid1

    Hey im sorry to post this here but i have no clue how to reach you Heat….

    I dont know why but I cant login it keeps saying “End of Stream” I dont know what that means but if you could help me out i would greatly appreciate it send me an email at

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      It must be something on your end, we have about 50 players online right now. Try restarting your router, sometimes it helps.

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