is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB, the creators of Minecraft. The money you choose to donate freely goes to maintaining and improving MCSpaceCraft servers and NOT to Mojang AB. Some examples what we do with the money from you include but are not limited to: paying for the dedicated server hosting bills, DDoS protection, maintenance, developing new plugins or improving existing plugins, paying people to create content for the servers (code, maps, graphics, etc.), developer tools, advertising, etc.

Keeping our network running is – and always has been – in your hands.

Once the account upgrade has been used on your account the payment is final and the upgrade cannot be transferred to another account. No refunds will be given once the upgrades have been used on the server.

If you haven’t received any items or account upgrade in 1 hour after you’ve completed the payment, please let me know ASAP and we’ll work it out. Make sure to include in your message the Paypal Transaction ID.

Donating to the server doesn’t entitle you to any of the benefits or perks, listed here or not. Donator perks – if any – are my way to thank you for supporting the server and do not constitute a purchase. Any and all perks listed here are for informational purposes only and can be revoked or substantially changed from the time you chose to donate. If you do not agree with this or expect to receive any benefits from your donation, please do not donate.

Thank you for your support!

The online shop is currently disabled.