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Hardware Upgrade – Instructions

UPDATE: The migration of the skyblock Minecraft server has completed. To connect and play, use this IP:

When we will begin moving the server to the new host, there will be a transition period of a few hours when some of you will see as the old server, while others will be seeing the new server.

To prevent any item, experience or game progress lost when the migration will begin, we will replace the old server game world – the one you’re playing on now – with a temporary world. This will be just a small room with signs and messages letting you know the migration has started.

As soon as the migration will finish – in less than a few hours – when you will connect to you will automatically see your existing game world and you will be able to continue playing where you left off.

No items will be lost. No experience will be lost. Your skyblock island will be the same, and so will be your neighbors.


1. If you connect to and see a small room with signs, simply log off and wait a few hours. Or stay in game and chat with your friends.

2. When the migration is complete, if you connect to and see your island, the spawn and everything else, keep playing 🙂


Hardware upgrade

UPDATE: The new hardware will be ready for use in less than 4 hours. I will get back with more instructions shortly.

In the next 48 hours our hosting provider will be performing a hardware upgrade – at our request – on the dedicated server that runs Minecraft skyblock The downtime, they tell us, won’t be longer than 20 – 30 minutes but they didn’t provide an exact time when it will happen.

The new hardware will allow us to not only to increase the number of available slots for both donators and non-donators while keeping the same level of performance, but also to add a lot of the additional in-game features we had planned.

There will be no data loss, and as soon as they finish the upgrade we’ll be back online and you can continue playing.

Minecraft 1.4(1) was just updated

The Pretty Scare update is live, and you will be given the choice to update your client next time you log in.

Before doing so, keep in mind it will be a few days until our Minecraft skyblock server will run the new version!

To put it short, until we update, you have 2 choices:

1. Do not update your MC client
2. Make a backup of your existing MC 1.3.2 and use it to connect to the server.

You have been warned! 🙂

Updating Minecraft or not?

On Wednesday (Oct 24) Mojang will release a pretty major update, version 1.4 of Minecraft labeled Pretty Scary Update. When they do it, you will see an option in your game to update it to the latest version.

However, before you update there’s an important point to keep in mind: make a backup of the current 1.3.2 version of the game you have running now on your PC. Without it, you will not be able to log in to our skyblock server until we update it.

And as I’ve pointed out elsewhere, it could take up to 2 weeks for everything to be ready for upgrade server side on our end. The Craftbukkit core this server is running, which is developed by an awesome 3rd party team, plus the plugins we use to enrich your experience.

So in short… Backup your 1.3.2 Minecraft version you’re running now somewhere on your computer and use it to connect to our server until we’re ready for 1.4.

Minecraft.Net is down again

Our skyblock Minecraft server is up and running. However, as I’ve written before, withouth Mojang’s authentication servers up players cannot connect to the game. As soon as they fix it, you will be able to connect and resume playing where you left.

As I posted 2 days ago, we’re going to have a Minecraft game update tomorrow, and my guess is the stuff they do for the update needed to take down the authentication servers as we.

Skyblock MobArena Statistics Week 42

Skyblock MobArena statistics for week 42

463 players have played a total of 2232 MobArena games.
Highest wave reached this week: 23

Players reaching each wave:
– wave 23: 1 players (krist44)
– wave 22: 2 players (MiniMark33, Blazingfirem)
– wave 21: 1 players (carloshaggar)
– wave 20: 2 players (heatseeker0, eddieisfiction)
– wave 19: 5 players (fancypants8, TheDankCrow, MisterMushka, Skull_Crusher100, ellofreak123)
– wave 18: 8 players (char1ro, NeonTopHats, Tretrejo, degugirl, Hawkster103, kandy_bar, Superporky1226, mmanalo011)
– wave 17: 8 players
– wave 16: 25 players
– wave 15: 19 players
– wave 14: 22 players
– wave 13: 27 players
– wave 12: 47 players
– wave 11: 42 players
– wave 10: 55 players
– wave 9: 41 players
– wave 8: 41 players
– wave 7: 18 players
– wave 6: 24 players
– wave 5: 15 players
– wave 4: 38 players
– wave 3: 13 players
– wave 2: 7 players
– wave 1: 2 players

Best Players of the Week

Player Highest Wave Games Played Kills Damage Done Damage Taken Time Played Preferred Class
krist44 23 25 575 17973 5746 02:11:24 chemist
MiniMark33 22 212 6647 228358 42096 16:28:13 chemist
Blazingfirem 22 94 1938 57733 19066 07:50:47 tank
carloshaggar 21 105 1814 65769 29051 05:45:08 tank
heatseeker0 20 28 445 16674 19354 01:22:11 tank
eddieisfiction 20 86 2584 84548 22469 07:38:41 chemist
fancypants8 19 81 2316 65953 19509 06:51:07 chemist
TheDankCrow 19 33 575 20580 9413 02:27:55 tank
MisterMushka 19 33 883 32118 8635 02:36:03 tank
Skull_Crusher100 19 23 804 25264 6098 01:37:29 tank
ellofreak123 19 21 909 25245 3493 01:18:18 knight

Skyblock MobArena
Gladiator of the week: krist44