No hacking allowed

In the server /rules it’s written very clearly: no hacking. Hacking is one of the few things that will get you a fast and permanent ban, with no recourse rights.

Today I’ve banned 5 players using Nodus and similar client mods. We have custom written plugins that detect this kind of thing, and everything is logged and reviewed later, even if I’m offline.

So before logging in to the SpaceCraft server make sure you’re clean. It’s not even worth it, you get no in-game advantage in an Island Survival server from hacks.

Have fun, stay safe 🙂

5 thoughts on “No hacking allowed

  1. lance132

    WTF this anti cheat banned me!! i got glitched in the air and now i cant play this is really annoying i want 2 play so bad but i cant so can you fix this for me plz?

  2. devinator000

    can you please unban me? I really don’t know what I did wrong because I did some teleports in then I said something then it got me out of the server and said banned for spamming. can you see what I did wrong and unban me?


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