Automatic voting rewards implemented

The voting system is fully functional, and fully automatic. You get 1 Ghast Tear for each vote you do. There are more sites, and you can vote daily at all of them to get more than 1 tear / day. Go to the voting page for more details.

At /spawn there is a custom shop with Villagers selling goodies for Ghast Tears. Useful things, such as lava buckets, saplings, redstone, even diamonds. Check it out at the left of the main fountain.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to vote to support us. Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Automatic voting rewards implemented

  1. o2Neoxide

    haha ty for the comment on the server…im glad every1 is loving this new skyblock server…lets hope it gets bigger and bigger till it has to grow more servers!


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