Bragging rights

A bit of bragging regarding our server at 10 days after the official launch:

We’ve just hit the 1,000 unique players mark on the server this morning.

600 active player islands.

Thanks to your continuous support, has climbed to position #200 on from more than 24,000 listed servers!

Many more goodies awaiting to be deployed live on the server in the upcoming days. Let’s see if we can make it to top100!

Before closing, thank you – yes you! meaning all our wonderful players, donators, moderators and admin team members – for your support and help to make this the best Island Skyblock server there is.

– heatseeker0

One thought on “Bragging rights

  1. bobby108517

    I have a mob spawner at my house which allows me to get discs, but i cant sell them unless it is to players which rarely buy them. This is why i would appreciate it if you expanded the shop to where you can buy/sell items like discs, food etc. i also have around 2500 space coins, but all i can buy at the shop are blocks like dirt, grass ice etc. I think it would also help skyblock grow because more people will run out of space coins and have a better chance to buy space coins.

    Thank you, bobby108517


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