UPDATE: The migration of the skyblock Minecraft server has completed. To connect and play, use this IP:

When we will begin moving the server to the new host, there will be a transition period of a few hours when some of you will see MCSpaceCraft.com as the old server, while others will be seeing the new server.

To prevent any item, experience or game progress lost when the migration will begin, we will replace the old server game world – the one you’re playing on now – with a temporary world. This will be just a small room with signs and messages letting you know the migration has started.

As soon as the migration will finish – in less than a few hours – when you will connect to MCSpaceCraft.com you will automatically see your existing game world and you will be able to continue playing where you left off.

No items will be lost. No experience will be lost. Your skyblock island will be the same, and so will be your neighbors.


1. If you connect to MCSpaceCraft.com and see a small room with signs, simply log off and wait a few hours. Or stay in game and chat with your friends.

2. When the migration is complete, if you connect to MCSpaceCraft.com and see your island, the spawn and everything else, keep playing 🙂