While on your skyblock island, you can complete a number of challenges. For each one you manage to finish, you get 1 gold ingot.

Most of the challenges will take the required items from your inventory, but a few will allow you to keep your item(s). These that allow you to keep the items are marked in the list below.

The in-game commands to manage challenges are:

  • /challenges list 0 – will show you the first page of challenges available for you
  • /challenges list 1 – will show you the second page of challenges
    /challenges list 2 – will show you the 3rd page of challenges
  • /challenges complete ChallengeNumber – type this command while having the required items in your hand to complete a challenge. Contrary to what some players may expect, having the required items in a chest will not work 🙂

Here is the full list of challenges currently available to you:

  1. Build a Cobble Stone generator and gather 20 cobblestone
  2. Produce 10 stone
  3. Produce 1 stone button
  4. Produce 1 stone pressure plate
  5. Produce 10 stone slabs
  6. Produce 20 stone bricks
  7. Produce 5 stone brick stairs
  8. Produce 5 stone brick slabs
  9. Craft a Fishing Rod (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  10. Catch 10 fish
  11. Cook 10 fish
  12. Produce one boat
  13. Produce 10 empty bowls
  14. Produce one chest (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  15. Produce a crafting table (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  16. Produce a wooden door
  17. Produce 10 wooden fences
  18. Produce 10 fence gates
  19. Produce 10 ladders
  20. Produce 10 signs
  21. Produce 10 paintings
  22. Produce 5 trap doors
  23. Produce 20 torches
  24. Produce 10 redstone torches
  25. Produce one Bow (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  26. Produce 20 arrows
  27. Produce one bed (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  28. Produce a note block (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  29. Produce a Jukebox (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  30. Produce a Bookshelf (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  31. Produce 10 White Wool
  32. Produce 10 Orange Wool
  33. Produce 10 Magenta Wool
  34. Produce 10 Light Blue Wool
  35. Produce 10 Yellow Wool
  36. Produce 10 Lime Wool
  37. Produce 10 Pink Wool
  38. Produce 10 Gray Wool
  39. Produce 10 Light Gray Wool
  40. Produce 10 Cyan Wool
  41. Produce 10 Purple Wool
  42. Produce 10 Blue Wool
  43. Produce 10 Brown Wool
  44. Produce 10 Green Wool
  45. Produce 10 Red Wool
  46. Produce 10 Black Wool
  47. Gather a full stack of Netherrack
  48. Gather 10 Nether Bricks
  49. Produce 10 Nether Brick Fences
  50. Produce 10 Nether Brick Stairs

Many more will be added in the near future.

Also you’ll soon have another reason to keep your gold ingots, as not all challenges in the list above can be easily completed. We’ll post details when those parts of the game are fully implemented.

Have fun!

Note: Not all challenges above are yet active on the live server. They will be active on next server restart.

58 thoughts on “Challenges

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      You can make the pyramid for beacons from it. Also you can make golden apples to cure zombie villagers, but guess that fits in the crafting department.

          1. Gwen

            No, when you go to the nether there is lava everywhere so u grab it bring it back the the overwork led and spill lava all over it. There is soul sand in the nether fortress.

    1. jossie2000:D

      lala1230000, You have to either dye a WHITE Sheep, Or get WHITE Wool and use a magneta dye on it.

        1. emad

          You can get megenta or any other dye i think it depend on the biome . you need flower forest biome to get megenta dye and if you have that biome you need to get blocks of grass (dirt doesnot work) and bone meal the grass it will make out of that flowers for dyes and also seeds 🙂

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Last time I checked, about 150,000. It was a while ago though so probably the number is bigger now.

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Make a 2 by 2 hole. Put a bucket of water in 2 opposite corners. There you have it, unlimited water source 🙂

      1. Nickman1818

        You could also make an “L” shape but with 3 holes and put water in the two that aren’t the middle of the two 😉

  1. Cutiecat0352

    I died. How do i make a new one? Also I have no saplings, the tree didnt give me any. So I want to restart.

  2. Zed

    How do we get diamonds? How do we get wool? If somebody were to awnser these questions, that would be greatly appreciated. Oh yea, how do we get the nether stuff!?

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Diamond ore you get from the villagers at spawn for ghast tears. You can also buy them with real money on the website item shop.

      Wool you get from sheep. You buy sheep spawn eggs with in-game currency (spacecoins) from the spawn shop, other players shops or villagers for ghast tears. If you are a donator, you get sheep eggs in your daily kit.

      Nether stuff is sold at spawn for in-game currency (spacecoins) and villagers for ghast tears.

      1. smelany

        Um I’m playing it on xbox 360 so there us dimands and iron under the sand that’s what I have. So if I want to get obsidion for the nether to get the nether brick I would have to ruin my lava. By turning it into a obsidion and get 1 piece I think I’m correct right help. Am I able to trade withe villagers but guys hello I followed a guide how to make a skyblock on top of ground. Help how. But if u want to know who I got this from he’s a youtuber named stampylonghead or nose.

    2. Tyler

      You can’t get nether stuff,you can’t get diamonds but you have to make the platform bigger using dirt so sheep can spawn.Super difficult but it works.

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      There is currently no rank attached to the challenges. You do get one gold ingot for each completed challenge though.

  3. Tyler2

    let me explain how to finish every challenge.
    1.simple flowing lava plus flowing water equals cobblestone
    2.get a furnace and smelt 10 cobblestone
    3.continue smelting cobble to get 3 to 8 done
    9.if you make a mob trap than you should be able to get string with ease
    10.use your fishing rod to catch 10 fish and then cook them.
    12.very simple
    13.every one up to 20 is very simple too
    21.make a spawning platform for passive mobs or get a cow spawn egg from shop and kill some
    22. this one and 22 are pretty easy.
    24.get red stone by either curing a zombie villager and trade with it or buying spawn egg from the shop or buy redstone from shop
    25.simple flint from shop(I’ve never played on server) and get feather by same as the leather from cows
    27.shear sheep by getting iron from shop or kill zombies and hope for iron ingots(possible from any update past 1.5)or just kill the sheep
    28. I’ve told you how to get redstone or shop sugar cane from shop i think and start a farm
    31.told you how to get string
    32.use bone meal to get red and yellow flowers and combine their dyes then add wool
    33.(requires 1.7 or 1.8) bone meal grass then combine the magenta flowers dye with wool
    34.bone meal and go to shop to get lapis or trade for it
    35.bone meal
    36.make cactus farm to get cactus green
    37.bone meal ore bone meal plus red dye
    38.make a lake for squids to spawn then add inc sacs plus bone meal
    39.bone meal or grey dye plus bone meal
    40. lapis plus cactus green
    41. red dye plus blue dye by using bone meal for blue dye
    42.told you how to get blue dye
    43.i think you can buy brown dye from shops
    44.told you how to get cactus green
    46.told you how to get inc sacs
    47.complete these challenges:13, 16, 22, 30, 34, 38, 43.
    48.everything else is by using your leftover netherack by smelting it all then craft the nether brick items

    1. Tyler2

      I’m sorry because i made a few mistakes on the wool ones but don’t worry i’ll redo it.
      white wool: get string from spiders
      orange wool: use red dye and yellow dye by using bone meal.
      magenta wool:add red and pink dye which i’ll tell you how to get later
      light blue: go to the shop and trade for lapis and add bone meal
      yellow: use bone meal to get them
      lime green:make a cactus farm then cook it to get cactus green then turn it into lime green dye
      pink:use bone meal to get the flowers for pink dye
      light grey: make a lake for squids to spawn and then turn it into light grey dye
      cyan:told you how to get lapis and cactus green
      purple: lapis and red dye equals purple dye
      blue: lapis is blue dye
      brown: get cocoa beans from the shop
      green:use cactus green
      red:use bone meal for the flowers for red dye
      black:use inc sacs

  4. Tyler2

    52 days to Christmas! I would like for some exclusive challenges on Christmas day like make a infinite snow generator and build a igloo .

    1. Ej gamin

      I like this sky island but the only problem is i dont have minecraft on pc so i do it on my xbox where if you complete a challenge u press a button and will reward u with gold ingots im up to challege…… 1 cos i just started lol

      1. David

        Is there a proper way to download sky island on xbox 360 or do I make it myself? If I download where and how do I so?


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