About 12 hours ago Mojang updated Minecraft to 1.6.4. A few moments ago all the servers in the network have been updated to 1.6.4. This includes Skyblock, Survival Games and Creative.

Taking advantage of the planned maintenance, I also pushed a couple bugfixes and updates that have been sitting there waiting to be deployed.

  • If you’re a diamond donator, you can fly again in /ma donator. You don’t have to do anything special. Simply have /fly active when you join and you’ll be able to fly once inside.
  • Books of Effects now only drop if you kill the mobs, meaning if you deal the killing blow with a sword, bow or other means. They no longer drop if the mob is killed by any other means not involving a player, e.g. from fall damage, lava damage, pistons or killed by other mobs. This has been requested a couple times by people with large mob farms.
  • Sticky pistons are no longer able to pull protected blocks (diamond blocks, beacons, etc.)
  • TNT explosions no longer deal damage to players. It has been requested on the forums, and I think it goes along with all other protections we have. It helps making your experience on the server as fun and safe as possible. TNT explosions still deal damage to mobs and animals, if you have rights to kill the animals in that area. Note this does not apply to creeper explosions, these still hurt players as they used to.
  • /played has been reset for last time. We’re now handling this with a custom written plugin, replacing the old way we used to do this. It’s faster, better and has a couple other neat features you’ll see in upcoming weeks. As I said a couple times in the past, old played time is not lost and I’ll be importing the data to the new plugin in the near future. Until then, everyone that logs on the server will get 500 sc as a small token of appreciation first time they log on.

There’s so much new stuff coming in the next weeks. No matter if you enjoy PvP, PvE, working with redstone contraptions or simply building awesome structures, there will be something new for you to explore and enjoy. It will blow your socks off 🙂