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As you read in another post on Skyblock Scavenger Hunt, we’ve recently introduced Dragon Eggs and Beacons in the game world. Since both of them are very expensive items, a new type of protection has just been added. Just like we did with Animal Protect, meet World Protector…

Say you have just bought a Beacon from The Scavenger at spawn. You place it down somewhere on your island. The beacon remembers who placed it down so only you can remove it. Even if you have other players added to the same island, they cannot remove it.

In addition to Beacons, the following expensive items also remember who placed them and only that person can mine them back: Diamond Blocks, Gold Blocks, Iron Blocks and Dragon Eggs.

So, in a nutshell, only the person that places a block of the above types anywhere can remove it, not even players from the same island can.

Keep reading, there’s more great news…

Dragon Eggs used to teleport away when a player interacted with them in any way, except using a Silk touch pickaxe. This functionality is in-game, and even in single player. However, it appears that not all players were aware they used to teleport away and an egg or two has been lost.

The World Protector now prevents Dragon Eggs from teleporting away.

Since only the owner of those blocks can remove them – so nobody can steal them – and since they’re very expensive (in terms of in-game virtual currency) we will not be giving replacements under any conditions for the following blocks: Beacons, Diamond Blocks, Gold Blocks, Iron Blocks or Dragon Eggs.

Do not keep these items in your inventory, do not place them in chests where anyone else but you have access to. So put them in an Enderchest, or in a Lockette protected chest on your name only.

Since existing blocks of the above types that have already been placed don’t know who placed them, they can only be removed by heatseeker0. If you want to move your already placed beacon, let me know and I’ll help.

To sum up: these expensive items are protected by World Protector when placed, and you should put them in an Enderchest if you don’t want to place them as blocks. We will not replace these items under any conditions!

We care about you, and aim to give you a safe play experience no other Minecraft Server has. Enjoy 🙂

7 thoughts on “Skyblock World Protector

      1. TnT_Lord9

        Also protected most blocks that you can’t get naturally and you have to pay real money for, like sponge and bedrock and gold ore.(This is a suggestion, don’t reply any nasty stuff).

        1. heatseeker0 Post author

          Most blocks can be obtained through game play or voting (gold). The rest can be won at various in-game events (bedrock, sponge) or through seasonal kits (gold ore was available in /kit valentine during the Valentine). You can’t pay real money to obtain any of these blocks as none are for sale and never where.

  1. Fireblast168

    heat same should go for Lapiz Blocks. They cost the same (if not more than) as Diamond blocks. And Iron Blocks should be removed prom the protections.


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