Skyblock Server Maintenance and Upgrade

As some of you might know, Skyblock anniversary is due in a couple days. It has been running quite smoothly for the past year, but it’s now time for an upgrade.

Thanks to your generous efforts and support, for which I’m grateful each and every day, I’ve rented a brand new and faster server in the same datacenter as the old server.

It’s now time to move stuff over. The website has been already switched to another host, and soon will start moving Skyblock and the other 2 servers (Survival Games and Creative).

Will you lose progress, islands, inventory, your cat, etc?

YOU WON’T LOSE ANYTHING! Everything will be copied over: the map, the islands, your inventory, your spacecoins, everything. Well, everything except your cat. You’re on your own with that.

There will be approximately 1 hour of downtime later today. Unfortunately it can’t be avoided, as the servers need to be shut down to make sure all data is properly written to disk. Then copy it over to the new server.

I will announce the start time on this post, then update it periodically as I’m completing the migration.

Can you do anything to make sure it runs smoothly?

YES! Please make sure you’re connecting to the correct server IP, which is displayed near the top on every page on this site. Yes, those big bold letters on top.

Here it is again: The IP didn’t change in more than half a year. It won’t change now either, but double checking to make sure that’s the IP you have in Minecraft can’t hurt, right? 🙂

All times are GMT.

  • 6:00 PM – migration started
  • 7:00 PM – data copied to the new server
  • 7:15 PM – Survival Games and Creative servers shut down and migrated
  • 7:45 PM – Skyblock server shut down and migration started. Estimated downtime: 1 hour.
  • 8:07 PM – data migration complete. Running checks. Estimated downtime remaining: 30 mins.
  • 8:19 PM – Skyblock server migration complete. All servers are online and functional.

Migration completed successfully. Enjoy 🙂


16 thoughts on “Skyblock Server Maintenance and Upgrade

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      No, if I wouldn’t have said it was a server move people wouldn’t have noticed it, except for the 30 mins of downtime.

  1. Sparky

    Great job heat! Way to go man~

    I don’t think I would play MC as much without this server, so thanks for the failing grades ( Just Kidding~), and the amazing times <3

  2. PeterYR

    Okay, today i tried to log on to ur server, but the screen sorta freezed up. i did Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and it said the java platform (blah blah) was not responding. PLZ HELP!!

    Is it the servers problem, or is there something wrong with my computer?


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