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Some of you may have noticed some cool effects showing on players in the past days. The plugin is nearly complete, and as far as I know we’re the only server that has this.

The first phase: I manually added temporary effects to some of you. If you were online at the time, you probably got one, or saw it on your friends.

Now’s the second phase, where you can get the effects yourself. If you’re lucky enough.

Go to the deathtrap (/warp deathtrap) or your own mob spawner and start killing. If you’re lucky you may get one of these:

Book_of_EffectsIf you right click with the book in hand, it will instantly apply the effect to you. The book is consumed and the effect will last until you apply another Book of Effects or until you relog.

Stay tuned for third phase, soon.

Enjoy 🙂

16 thoughts on “Player Effects

      1. bobbygillom

        sorry to say heat but while these are cool they are destroying sorting machines, could you make them spawn less often so they become more of a rarity , cuz I have 12 dubchests of em already in like 36 hours, theyre becoming a huge problem for my gold farm, and im picking up more of them than gold or rotten flesh… that would be awesome thnx

        1. heatseeker0 Post author

          I agree the spawn rate is a bit high right now, because I wanted everyone to have a chance to get some effects. If you have a big farm yes, you may get a bit more books, but think of the player that has a small farm, or that goes to deathtrap hoping to get a book. It takes a while to get one when killing by hand.

          1. Ladyblanche

            Agree on people that need deathtrap to get those books.
            I don’t have my own farm and I’ve been farming at deathtrap a lot and am still missing out on one or two of the books.

          2. heatseeker0 Post author

            What I’ve been thinking of doing, and might do soon, is disable book drops completely if it was not a player that killed the mob. This should help with automated farms not getting swarmed by book drops.

  1. Donrian

    I too have had a major problem with my gold farm sorter. What I did was have a dropper shoot books into lava and that will free up your sorter.

      1. heatseeker0 Post author

        Unfortunately in this case the ID won’t help you much. It’s the same ID as enchanted books, 403.

  2. ButterKing4884

    I’d like to say NerdyGamer1o1 finally helped me but i had a couple suggestions… I can not use the forums unfortunately … Maybe we could add a thing at the side of the screen you can toggle on/off and it would tell you how many SC you had.. And i aslo had a suggestion to add a skywars game.. Well.. Thanks Heatseeker0!

    P.S. i beat the maze! 🙂

  3. bobbygillom

    heat could u stop them from spawing when mobs die from falling and stuff, I have almost 300 dubchests of effect books, and tons of hoppers full. they keep clogging up my sorting system so tons of gold doesn’t get picked up. I can understand people without farms wanting books but they can kill stuff for em, the mobs that drop them from falling are actually really annoying. so itd be awesome if you could stop that from happening. thanx so much

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