Skyblock Scavenger Hunt

Many changes over the past week. Instead of making many smaller posts about each one, I’ll try to sum them up below. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage (tea or non-alcoholic if you’re a minor!) and let’s get started.

First a small but convenient update: if you’re a skyblock island owner, you can now change your /island home as you see fit. As long as it’s on your own island (this is both a rule, and enforced in the plugin). To set your new home do /island sethome. The new home is smarter and better. It will remember your exact position and the way you looked when you did sethome.

You’ve cried about them, we didn’t like it. And you were right! Doing /island delete or /island clear no longer deletes your inventory. The 4 hour cooldown between doing these still remains for now.

Other big changes in the skyblock plugin will come over the next week or so. Until then, keep reading…

Animal Protection Updates

  • Crafty as always, you’ve figured you can fish poor hapless sheep and other livestock out from their pens. Not anymore. Fishing anything else than fishes in a pool of water will not do anything now.
  • Throwing eggs at a cow? Ever tried that in real life? I wouldn’t if I were you… and now the cows and other animal in-game don’t have to bath 4 times a day to get rid of yolk because of you. Eggs are now harmless to all animals.

Final 1.4.7 Update Push

With about 12 plugins updated, brought up to date or otherwise sped up, this was  a big one. The result? Enchanted books, all new enchantments and fireworks can now be made in game.

Player Ran Shops

You’ve asked for it, we promised a while ago and now’s time to deliver. Player made and ran shops have showed up on skyblock. With tens of shops already running and making their owners small fortunes – or losing them one due to poor pricing or planning – there’s a whole new dimension of the game to explore.

Some enjoy learning on their own, some others would like to be shown how to start. Expect a tutorial post on player shops in a day or two.

Saving the best for last… the big one: Skyblock Scavenger Hunt

There are over 12000 (yup, you read that right, 12 thousand!) unprotected islands out there, up for grabs. It’s up to you to build bridges, fly, enderpearl or ask a friend for a teleport and start gathering up resources.

All of them are basic starter islands, many filled with lava or other hazards. So don’t expect to find diamonds in there, but there’s a chance you can grab a bucket or two from a long forgotten chest. And most important of them all: dirt.

I’d start collecting dirt sooner than later if I were you. With 12K islands there’s plenty for everyone to pick, but dirt will soon be used for something else too. And I bet you’re going to want it! A lot of it!

Check out /spawn for a new villager soon.

Happy hunting! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Skyblock Scavenger Hunt

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  3. JamesFizzy

    Here’s a tip –
    Bring a BED with you when you’re scavenging! When your inventory gets full, you can set your home on an island with your bed, go to your island to deposit your loot, and do ‘/home’ to come right back to where you were!

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Only specific islands. While the details of the algorithm are not public, I can tell you that if you’re worked on your island you’re in no danger of being included in the scavenger list in future even if you don’t log in to play for a while.

  4. Ladyblanche

    JamesFizzy’s tip is really helpful.
    I also take a bed with me on every scavenger hunt.

    Here is the way I do the scavenger hunt:
    First of all I decided for one of the warps on other islands (because my own neighbourhood is already scavenged). After that I decided for a direction. Let’s think, I have choosen east. So I start at the warp and go east from it until I reach the edge of the map. Then I decide once again: north or south? Let’s think, I decide for north. So I go one plot in north direction. After that I go west through the whole map until I reach the edge of it again. One further further north. And back to east direction… So I make sure, to see really every island on the map.
    I grab everything I could ever use and if my inventory is full, I do it like JamesFizzy: I put my bed on the next abandonned island, clear my inventory at /island home and go back to the bed with /home.
    If I need a break I do the thing with the bed too. I never had problems with my bed being gone until my next scavenger hunt. So I was always able to get back where I stopped.

    One additional tip from me: If there is a cobblegen on an abandonned island, don’t just destroy it. And even grabbing the lava with a bucket would only waste space in your inventory – you find enough lavabuckets in chests… Always take a waterbucket with you! Place the water near the lava to turn it into obsidian and grab the obsidian instead of the lava.

    I don’t know, which way is the best to do scavenger hunts, but I can say, that mine seems to be very profitable.
    I found tons of dirt, plenty lavabuckets and iceblocks and still a lot of sand and obsidian.
    My best loot up to now was a free chest with four heads, two cakes, eight tears and two spawneggs each of wolves and ozelots.
    So if you haven’t begun with scavenger hunting, probably you would wish to start it now… 😉

    A good hunting everyone!

  5. Dracaeboy

    I kinda gave up on scavenging after someone broke my bed… D:
    But I’m probably going to start scavenging again! : )

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Anyone can join the hunt, it is not limited to donators or donators of a particular level.

  6. jossie2000:D

    On the scavenger hunt, it might be easier to fly cause it is really hard to find near abondoned island and since there is the island protector, it will be hard

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      There’s no set frequency. And I guess at this point it’s fair to say there are no more islands open for scavenging. But there’s hope 😉

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Because I might make a few hundreds if not more islands to release for the scavenger hunt, if people want them? 🙂


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