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Raffle Winners and Stream Recap

We had loads of fun tonight. A lot of prizes were given for different minigames (TNTRun, Survival Games, FFA).

Here are the 3 winners for the main event of the evening, the raffle with prizes from the real money shop on website. Over 300 players bought a ticket in the past 2 days, 3 players won. They are as follows:

  • 3rd place, items or upgrades worth $15: Pizzaman72931
  • 2nd place, items or upgrades worth $30: Nick3238
  • 1st place, winning the grand prize of $45 in items or upgrades: Huanus

None of the 3 players were online at the time of the draw. Nick went online shortly after and he picked an account upgrade to gold donator which has already been credited to his account.

Huanus and Pizzaman72931, please contact me through the website or in-game to claim your prizes.

For those of you that would like to watch a recording of the event, it’s available on Twitch. I must apologize for the poor quality of the video, my Interwebz were glitchy earlier today so had to use my backup line for this. Simply click on the link to see it (about 2 hours long): Skyblock Raffle, Minigames, Prizes and loads on fun

For everyone else that entered the raffle but didn’t win, don’t be sad. We’ll hold more minigames and there will be another raffle just like this one later in December. Keep watching the website for news, and see y’all in game 😉

Edit Nov 25: pizzaman72931 contacted me via the website earlier today and wished an iron account upgrade. It has just been applied to his account. Enjoy mate 🙂

Edit Dec 3rd: huanus already had the diamond account upgrade to his account. He wished for 2 account upgrades, bringing him to obsidian. For the remainder of the prize, he wanted a large diamonds pack and a pistons pack. Everything has been credited to his account. Enjoy

Skyblock Live Stream Tonight

With the help of some friends I’ve been able to finish setting up the broadcasting software. So starting from tonight I’ll be broadcasting live on Twitch various events from the server.

To watch me live go to and hit that Follow button to be notified when I go live next.

We’re going to stream live the raffle with real money prizes tonight 🙂

Skyblock Server Anniversary Day 5 of 7 – Raffle starts today

Real Money Shop Raffle

To end the 1 year server anniversary, this Sunday (Nov 24) at 10 PM GMT we’re going to hold a huge in-game raffle. The prizes are as follows:

  • 3rd place: $15 credit towards any items or upgrades from the real money shop
  • 2nd place: $30 credit
  • 1st place: $45 credit

If you win you can pick any combination of items and upgrades to be applied to your account from the Buycraft real money shop. The total value of the items and upgrades you pick must be at most the value of the prize you won.

Click on Account Upgrades and Item Packs to see what are the available items and upgrades.

To buy a ticket for the raffle, do /raffle in game and follow the instructions.

Anyone can enter the raffle. A ticket costs 50 sc. To keep it fair for everyone there is a limit of 1 ticket per in-game account.

You don’t have to remember your ticket number, the plugin handles this automatically for you.

You don’t have to be in-game to claim your prize. After the event I’m going to post the winners on the website, and if for any reason you cannot be in game at the time of the draw you can contact me in the next days to claim your prize.

I’ll try to record the event on video and post it later on the website. No promises though, depends if I can get it working by then. If not, there will be plenty of screenshots.

Best of luck to everyone!

P.S.: There will be other unannounced prizes and contests before the main raffle will take place. See you all in game!

Skyblock Server Anniversary Day 4 of 7 – Update to 1.7.2

First announcement of the day:

Skyblock just updated to Minecraft 1.7.2. So update your clients to be able to connect.

Right now we’re in testing mode, meaning all new items have been disabled. The reason for that is if we find the new version has major bugs, or is derpy in any way we can roll back to 1.6 without affecting players in any way.

The new items will be enabled once we’re reasonably sure 1.7 works properly for us.

Here’s a teaser pic from last night wither fight:

2013 Anniversary Wither EventLoads of mobs, loads of fun. Apart from withers, we also had an unannounced bonus: 4 witch spawn eggs. Congratulations to everyone!

Later today I’ll announce the second anniversary kit, so keep checking our website or better yet in game.

Also, went a bit over this in-game last night during the event, we’re going to have a huge raffle this Sunday with real money prizes to end the server celebration week. You’ll be able to pick any items or upgrades from the real money shop totaling up to whatever amount you win. First prize – $45, second prize – $30 and 3rd prize – $15.

More details to be announced soon.

Skyblock Server Anniversary Day 3 of 7

The party goes on. For tonight, you’re in for a treat.

In about 10 hours from now we’re going to have wither battles. I promised last time there will be enough notice ahead of time so players can plan around that. Here’s that notice.

So at 10 PM GMT or around that time if you wanna get in the wither events be online on the server.

Skyblock Server Anniversary Day 2 of 7

The party goes on! Yesterday TNT Run minigame was launched. In case you missed it, to join type /tr join default, and to spectate a running match do /warp TNTRun.

Today I added the first anniversary kit. To get it, do:

/kit oneyear

No spoilers, so you’ll have to log in to check what’s in the bag. All I’ll say is this: one of the items inside is completely new to the server. Nobody had it before, and there was no way to get it. Another item was available a while ago, and then ran out.

There will be another anniversary kit, it will become active Thursday.

TNT Run balance changes:
Default arena join time increased from 10 to 30 seconds. Battle length increased from 3 to 4 minutes.

Party on!

Server 1 Year Anniversary

As you might know, the server has been up for 1 year now. Actually 1 year and 1 month, but due to me being sick the anniversary got delayed.

1 year. 150,000 players. 75,000 islands.
It’s now time to celebrate. So from this day on, for one full week it’s party time!

We’re going to have lots of events, and new cool stuff added on the server. To kick it off in high gear, I give you…


The first minigame that just got added to Skyblock is TNT Run.

To join in game type /tr join default (or /tr j default for short). If there’s a game running and you want to spectate, you can do so at /warp TNTRun.

Good luck winning. The winner gets 100 sc for now, reward and other aspects of the game will be adjusted for better balance in the near future.

TNTRun Default Arena

TNTRun Default Arena

Oh, and the arena layout is just temporary. I’ll make better looking ones tomorrow 😉

Let’s party!

New Skyblock Ranks Added

Two new ranks have been added to the server: emerald and obsidian. They follow the same progression as existing ranks, emerald being the first upgrade after diamond, followed by obsidian.

So the entire progression is like this: iron > gold > diamond > emerald > obsidian.

Full details regarding each upgrade rank can be viewed on this page: Account Upgrade

In short, the new benefits of each rank over existing diamond rank are as follows:


  • Light green colored name and prefix
  • Access to a portable workbench, anywhere you are (/workbench command). For obvious reasons, the command is disabled in arenas.
  • Ability to create colored signs. I’ll post a full guide to this later, but I’m sure most of you know how to make them already.
  • New kit items, in /kit emeraldpack – these come on top of everything in the diamondpack:
    – diamond axe
    – 8 clay
    – more sand and grass
    – more bookcases


  • Purple colored name and prefix
  • Access to portable enderchest, anywhere you are (/enderchest command). For obvious reasons, the command is disabled in arenas.
  • Change your personal time on the server. Like if it’s night on the server and you want it day, you can do /ptime day and it will appear as if it is day. The change will only appear to you, and it doesn’t affect mob spawning rules.
  • Ability to create Disposal signs. Place a sign down and make first line read [Disposal]. Right click and it will open like a chest. Anything you put in there will instantly disappear, never to be seen again. It’s basically an infinite trashcan or bin.
  • New kit items, in /kit obsidianpack – these come on top of everything in the emeraldpack:
    – diamond hoe
    – 8 obsidian
    – more sand and grass
    – more bookcases

    For more details go here: Account Upgrade

    Thank you all for your incredible support! You’re all amazing and I couldn’t do this without you!