New Skyblock Ranks Added

Two new ranks have been added to the server: emerald and obsidian. They follow the same progression as existing ranks, emerald being the first upgrade after diamond, followed by obsidian.

So the entire progression is like this: iron > gold > diamond > emerald > obsidian.

Full details regarding each upgrade rank can be viewed on this page: Account Upgrade

In short, the new benefits of each rank over existing diamond rank are as follows:


  • Light green colored name and prefix
  • Access to a portable workbench, anywhere you are (/workbench command). For obvious reasons, the command is disabled in arenas.
  • Ability to create colored signs. I’ll post a full guide to this later, but I’m sure most of you know how to make them already.
  • New kit items, in /kit emeraldpack – these come on top of everything in the diamondpack:
    – diamond axe
    – 8 clay
    – more sand and grass
    – more bookcases


  • Purple colored name and prefix
  • Access to portable enderchest, anywhere you are (/enderchest command). For obvious reasons, the command is disabled in arenas.
  • Change your personal time on the server. Like if it’s night on the server and you want it day, you can do /ptime day and it will appear as if it is day. The change will only appear to you, and it doesn’t affect mob spawning rules.
  • Ability to create Disposal signs. Place a sign down and make first line read [Disposal]. Right click and it will open like a chest. Anything you put in there will instantly disappear, never to be seen again. It’s basically an infinite trashcan or bin.
  • New kit items, in /kit obsidianpack – these come on top of everything in the emeraldpack:
    – diamond hoe
    – 8 obsidian
    – more sand and grass
    – more bookcases

    For more details go here: Account Upgrade

    Thank you all for your incredible support! You’re all amazing and I couldn’t do this without you!

    6 thoughts on “New Skyblock Ranks Added

    1. Ladyblanche

      So, where is my custom-made prefix and my purple name? 😀 (just kidding)
      Thank YOU Sir for your incredible work! You’re pretty awesome and we all wouldn’t be here without you and all the love, sweat and time that you’re putting into the server! 🙂
      It’s still a great honor for me to be part of the staff of this server and to somewhat have earned your trust. I’m happy about every single thing that I can do to help you and this server. So it was self-evident that I would support the server by getting me those new ranks – even without knowing what they would be about or even be called. 😉

    2. Green_Dude_7

      Heat I was wondering if like before if anyone can put color on lockette signs still or if it is just for the two new ranks
      And thanks for everything you have done for the server Heat

      1. heatseeker0 Post author

        Anyone can put colors on lockette signs, but that’s using a glitch that may go away at any time. New ranks can put colors on *any* sign.


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