As promised yesterday, 6 new kits have been added to the server. Half of them are already active.

/kit sapling – this is aimed at new players that get unlucky and miss on their sapling from the first tree. If you need a sapling, to /kit sapling and get one. Cooldown – 24 hours.

/kit lavabucket – this too is aimed primarily at new players that make a mistake when building their cobble gen and turn their lava into obsidian, but it will benefit everyone. To get your lava bucket, to /kit lavabucket. Cooldown – 3 days.

[![Valentine's Day Heart made by JamesFizzy](/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/valentines_heart.png)](/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/valentines_heart.png)Valentine’s Day Heart made by JamesFizzy

Last but not least, based on your suggestions in the skyblock forum there’s /kit valentine

To find out what’s in the kit, you’ll have to log in game and check yourself. This can only be used once per player, and will expire on Monday.

The other 3 kits and more will go live tomorrow.