Streaming Live and Minecraft 1.7.2 Survival Testing

As some of you know already, a couple days ago I started streaming live from the server every other day. The stream schedule may change in the future, but for now I’ll do my best to make it 4 hours every other day, 4 days a week.

  • Monday 20:00 – 00:00 GMT
  • Wednesday 20:00 – 00:00 GMT
  • Friday 20:00 – 00:00 GMT
  • Sunday 20:00 – 00:00 GMT

Stream link:

The best way to be notified when I go live is to click on the link above, and then the follow button. It doesn’t cost anything and you’ll receive a notification by email each time I go live.

Previous streams are recorded by Twitch, so if you want to view past casts, follow this link and enjoy:

Now, on to the second announcement. Following development of a new 1.7.2 server with all the new items, biomes and game mechanics, this week only I’ve opened a survival test server for your enjoyment and testing.

To get there is easy. Once logged in to Skyblock, type this:

/server survival

Important: This is a test server. The survival 1.7.2 server will close this weekend, so don’t get too attached to anything you build there. The map itself will be available for download so you can continue where you left off, on your own PC.

The purpose of this server is to mainly find bugs, so I can fix them before applying the update to the skyblock server.

Rules for this temporary server:

  • Keep it PG rated
  • Given it is a temporary server meant for testing, you can ask me for items and if I’m around I’ll give them to you.
  • Keepinventory is ON in overworld. It’s OFF in the nether and End.
  • MobGriefing is OFF in overworld and nether.
  • PvP is OFF
  • Given the server is only temporary, and I often spawn items for everyone, and you can get any of the donation ranks by simply asking for it, hence more free items I feel there’s really no need to grief or steal from other players. If you do so, you might find your privileges to play on this survival server revoked.

Really, this is only meant for fun, and to find any bugs. Try and be nice to everyone else, will ya? Oh, and if you find any bugs let me know please so I can fix them.

To return to skyblock from the survival server do:

/server skyblock

And… we stream from it live too 😉

12 thoughts on “Streaming Live and Minecraft 1.7.2 Survival Testing

  1. Sparky

    I found a bug. When I was flying over lava it lagged me down into the lava and I died ;c

    Not sure how to explain, but I can explain in raidcall and in game if I get a chance

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Lava and fire protection are tied in to the islands plugin, which is not installed on the survival server.

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Yes, that was a good idea. We tested it yesterday, and figured out what happens. It’s not exactly lava nor fire. It’s whenever you have a damage over time on you. It can be fire, or poison or anything else but direct damage. Each time you take a tick of damage, you drop a few blocks. Nasty business, glad you told me about it.

  2. jjdahm

    I Belive I mentioned something like that, so say your flying over lava, there’s only two blocks above, just enough for a player to clear, but it seems as if the lava is regestering as 1.5 blocks high,

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Thanks for the info. We did testing regarding this and found out the bug is a bit more involved. Basically any dot you have on you, including poison or fire, brings you down a couple blocks each time it ticks.

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Aww, but it’s only a test server. There might be a proper survival like server in the near future though.

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      The survival test server is no longer up. It has served it’s purpose. It may return someday, in another form 🙂


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