I don’t often mention things before they’re deployed on the server. However, a lot of great things are cooking. It’s time you have a sneak peek on several major milestones…

Completely revamped island system — work in progress, about 50% done

  • Changing island ownership
  • Island lock-down to prevent non-members from even entering your protected space, including through flying and warping there
  • Expanding your island beyond the initial 100 x 100
  • Island l….s
  • Tied into the above, island wide b…s

These last 2 items will completely change the way you play skyblock. I pretty much guarantee you’ll love it.

Completely revamped challenges system — coding not started yet

  • Having not gathering challenges like make 20 cobble, but complex stuff like make and activate a nether portal, kill xx spiders, make a brewing stand and brew 20 health potions, and so on. Including tiered challenges, or quest chains if you will, where completing a challenge will make the next one available.
  • Player l….s, gained from completing harder challenges and – to a smaller degree – by day to day activities you enjoy doing
  • The above will tie in and form the base for 2 major features of the new island system

Player p..s and m….s will be coming to skyblock in the near future.

Mining operations

Enjoy 🙂