Update January 21 – And we’re at it again… bigtiny13 didn’t contact me in a week after he won the 2nd place, so last Sunday we held the raffle draw again for the same prize. The winner is: MatthewCraft9. I’ve sent you an in-game mail right after the draw to let you know you won. You have one week, until January 26 to contact me and tell me what items and / or account upgrades you’d like from the server real money shop. The total value of these should be $60.

Update January 24 – Matthewcraft9 claimed his prize. His choice were diamonds, beacon, designer pack and more.

Congratulations again to all the winners!

Update January 12 – Because guitargal24 didn’t contact me in a week, that player forfeit their prize. Last night we held a new raffle for the 2nd prize. The new winner is:

bigtiny13 – You were offline, I’ve sent you an in-game mail in addition to this notice. You have 1 week to tell me what account upgrades and / or items from the real money shop you’d like. Else the prize will be forfeit and we’ll hold another draw 🙂

Going to expand on this tomorrow and add video recordings of the events, but want to get the winner names out there so they can acknowledge and claim their prizes.

First the rules:
– You can ask for any account upgrade, item, pack or kit from the server real money shop. The total of the items or upgrades should obviously match the value of the prize you won.
– You have 1 week from now to contact me and claim your prize. If not you’ll forfeit your prize and next Sunday we’ll hold another raffle with just those.

And now the winners. Congratulations everyone:

$15 – Player_Schnikky – Claimed prize: Iron Donator for another account
$30 – MinecraftLewis – Claimed prize: Upgrade to next level, diamonds and grass
$45 – xXSpangBanXx – Claimed prize: Diamond Donator
$60 – guitargal24 – Didn’t contact me in the alloted 1 week, thus forfeited the prize
$75 – MitchWardle – Claimed prize already