Voice Server How To

To connect to our voice server, first you have to download and install RaidCall.

Next step, start it up and make an account:

RaidCall Create AccountFill in your details on the page that shows up. Once you have your account ready, log in.

RaidCall Join Group

In the search box on top left corner, enter either MCSpaceCraft or the group ID 7490827 then press Enter. In the results, make sure the group ID matches the number above, and click on it.

RaidCall Group NumberThat’s it. You can now talk either by voice or in chat there with our members.

This is a non-moderated group, but there are a handful common sense rules I’d like everyone to follow:

  • Try and keep it PG rated
  • Don’t harass other members
  • Don’t hog the Free for All default channel just for yourself. If you need to talk at length with someone, switch to any of the other channels. There are plenty to pick from.

Thank you and enjoy.

One thought on “Voice Server How To

  1. Jayden

    I always wanted to play with other people and voice chat with em now I can to raidcall. Raidcall is really the thing you need if you want to voice chat with other people.


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