I am aware of the server connectivity issues and have already opened a ticket with our datacenter. It appears the issue is non-Minecraft related, and doesn’t seem to be the server itself causing the problem.

I’ll keep everyone posted when I get more information.

Update: It appears there is a hardware fault with the server. Working together with the datacenter to identify, isolate and fix the issue. I’ll update when I get more information.

Update: The server is running several SSD drives. It appears the one that had the operating system on it has failed and will be replaced by the datacenter. The ones that have the skyblock server look okay, so your islands should be safe.

Update: The datacenter gave me an ETA of about 1 hour to have the faulty disk drive replaced and the operating system installed on it. In addition to that, add say about 1 more hour for me to restore the configurations. So right now the ETA to bring skyblock back up is about 2 hours.

Update: The new hard drive is installed and operational. I have confirmed that all skyblock data is okay. We should be up and running in about an hour or less.

Update: Skyblock is back online and fully functional. The other servers in the network will be brought up soon.