Skyblock Major Changes

Taking a short break from the two secret projects I’ve been working on in the past 2 weeks – one of which will be coming to skyblock in the next few days – it was time our main Skyblock server received some love.

A lot of major changes have just been applied on the server moments ago.

1. If you’re a diamond donator and disconnected while flying it used to mean falling to void and dying unless you were a fast typist. Not anymore. Now fly is enabled by default when connecting to the server, if you are a diamond donator. You no longer have to type /fly!

2. If you ever disabled your fly mode, you may have come across an annoying error message. Gone. Poof. Fixed.

3. You know it’s in the /rules that killing people outside of PvP arenas is not allowed on this server. We’ve received endless reports from players they were killed on islands, and one of the most common causes of death was lava or burning. You know how much I hate banning people, so instead I just applied a workaround. All players are now immune to lava and fire damage (except in Mob Arena).

4. Ever built that perfect shop around your warp, only to have players glitching through the doors or glass walls with enderpearls and stomp all over your island? Not anymore! Enderpearls can still be used to teleport around, but using them to glitch through blocks or doors should no longer be possible.

5. A while ago we introduced a plugin that will protect your most valuable blocks (including beacons, dragon eggs and diamond blocks) so only the person that placed them down was able to mine them back. Creative people worked around this – in a way – so they moved these blocks with pistons. While it didn’t allow them to pick up the blocks, it would prevent the owner from picking them up too if they wanted. Not anymore. Pistons can no longer push any protected blocks (beacons, dragon eggs, gold blocks, iron blocks and diamond blocks).

6. If you placed a dragon egg on a block, then later mine the block, the dragon egg would fall down and either be lost, or you’d be unable to pick it back up. Now dragon eggs no longer fall down and magically float in the air when the block they were sitting on is removed.

There’s yet a lot of new exciting things coming to Skyblock and elsewhere in the next days.

Because we care! Play hard, and stay safe 🙂

14 thoughts on “Skyblock Major Changes

  1. dangerouspuppy

    Thank you SO much Heat! But that is why i couldnt use M00N’s iron farm… we will have to change that. Those changes are so awesome! now, i can swim in lava, and not worry about falling when i log off and i am flying!

  2. dangerouspuppy

    People can still PULL the protected blocks with sticky pistons, i did it in M00N” iron farm, may want to fix that

  3. Marked_One92596

    Not really fond of the changes 3 and 5, but otherwise all of them sound good.
    Making people immune to fire removes a lot of risk when making generators, and stuff like that. For the pistons, I sometimes like making doors out of iron blocks. If those are protected now, I won’t be able to do that.

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Regarding 3, nothing prevents you from making the game as hard as you want by adding personal challenges without affecting anyone else but you. Let me explain…
      You can make a rule for yourself that whenever you touch lava you are to jump down in void and die with whatever items you happen to have on you at the time. And whenever you touch it 3 times, you are to delete your island without saving any items and start anew.
      You can invent any kind of rules and apply them to your play style to really challenge your abilities.

  4. jossie2000:D

    Wait, When exactly were these changes implemented?, because at my shop, there is a double piston door that moves iron and gold blocks.. I checked on June 9 and they were working..

  5. Z0R4_13

    There is about 3 people on the server now last time i saw, i can join and would that happen to be because you have the server on lockdown for some mods to help you with major changes that you have been working on heatseeker?

  6. Sparky

    Well, I love this, JUST ONE HUGE PROBELM! Zombie Pigmen cant die in my lava..

    Wait.. I am stupid o.O I forgot they can’t NEVERMIND! XD

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      All Nether based mobs are immune to lava by default. This has nothing to do with these changes.


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