Skyblock Easter kit and surprise bonus

Happy Easter everyone that celebrates it today!

And even if you do not, try doing /kit easter in game for a nice present. You’ll have to see in game what’s in it.

Bonus? Try catching one of your bats and cook it for an awesome surprise. Hint: it will only work in a furnace. A lower ceiling room might help.

If you’ve had issues with Buycraft in the last 24 hours, these should have now been fixed. My apologies. I’ve manually applied the upgrades, and any that I missed should be automatically applied to your account in 30 mins or less after you’re online.

11 thoughts on “Skyblock Easter kit and surprise bonus

  1. Ladyblanche

    I was expecting something else. Guess you know what…
    But this is even cooler. Way cooler.
    You really make the impossible possible, heat!
    Big thanks for the bonus! It will get a nice place on my sooncoming new island! Fits perfect! *hugs*

      1. Ladyblanche

        Can’t wait for it! 😉
        As I said: You make the impossible possible!
        Thanks for all the excellent work, heat!

  2. M00NLiTESymphony

    Thanks for the lovely easter kit; I expected an April Fools joke with it hehehe 🙂

    I should leave a suprise for you on your island as a thank you, Heat! >:D

    Hint: Me having spawn eggs are a bad idea.

  3. Ryandrew8

    Guys Really? You think its legit? Hhaha. Why do you think kit easter came out on APRIL FOOLS? 😛 heat had plenty of time yesterday to make a kit easter… You cant cook bats. Its an impossible puzzle that’s made to frustrate players 😛

  4. Sparky

    I was dead laughing at the bats confusing people , good job heat 🙂 It’s just hard to trick me lol


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