Public horse races are now possible

Sharing is caring. Plus, everyone loves a good horse race every now and then.

By default all horse interactions, including riding is allowed only to the horse owner. Now horse owners can set their horses in such a way to allow anyone to ride them. Other players still can’t rename, nor mess with the horse armor or saddle. Just ride them.

Here’s how it’s done.

First, get a stick in hand. Then right click your own horse that you want to allow others to ride with the stick. Shift-right click works too. If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll see the following message:

Public HorseIf you change your mind later and want to set riding back to private, simply right click it with a stick again. If you’ve done it correctly, the following message will appear on your screen:

Private HorseEnjoy 🙂

6 thoughts on “Public horse races are now possible

  1. Z0R4_13

    Cool heat! But I was messing around with my friend and he was able to punch my horse I was also able to put a saddle on my friends horse and take it off. Is the a bug in the code or are horses less protected for on an island? Thanks heat and keep up the wonderful work!

    1. HappyQueen

      poss you weren’t the only one other people did too, plus I made a track on my old island .
      Any way nice job heat, my new island is going to have horse racing definably


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