After other additions and changes, it was time for the safe trade to receive some love.

First change has already been requested more times than I can count: the money values have been increased. New values are as follows:

  • gold nugget: 100 sc
  • gold ingot: 1000 sc
  • gold block: 10000 sc

With this change, it is now possible to do trades of over 640,000 so it should cover most items you could possibly want to trade.

For trades below 100 sc, you can simply do /pay as the amount is very small and most likely won’t hurt you much if the other person doesn’t keep to her end of the deal.

The other big change is now in the interface itself, as all items have received suggestive names and tooltips. Simply move your mouse above an item of the interface to see what it does.

Skyblock Safe Trade

Enjoy 🙂