Depending on your rank, some of these commands may not (yet!) be available to you. To upgrade your rank and get access to more features – and help support the server – visit the Upgrade Shop.

Commands available to Rank: everyone

  • /help: full list of in-game commands you have access to
  • /motd: a short list of the most useful commands
  • /island: all skyblock commands start with /island:
    • /island create
      Creates your island, sets your home to it and teleports you there automatically.
    • /island clear
      Restarts your island (and deletes all your inventory items!). If you made a mistake and want to start all over again, run this command.
    • /island delete
      Completely deletes your island (and all your items in inventory)
    • /island home
      Return to your island from elsewhere, for instance spawn shop.
    • /island add PlayerName
      Add another player to your island. They will have access to build, destroy blocks and basically do anything they want at your island like it was theirs.
    • /island tp PlayerName
      Teleport you to another player island. They have to add you to their island first with the command above.
  • /econ: view your in-game spacecoins balance
    • /econ pay PlayerName Amount
      Give another player money, for example
      /econ pay heatseeker0 100
      will give me 100 skycoins from your available balance
  • /spawn: teleports you to the spawn so you can use the shops (spacecoins and vote shops currently open), see the tutorials and use the trade booths
  • /mail: in-game mail commands to read in-game mail sent by other players on the same server
  • /challenges: challenge related commands
    • /challenges list [1..6]
      See the available challenges you can complete, and those you’ve already completed
    • /challenges complete ChallengeNumber
      Complete the ChallengeNumber, provided you have the required items in your inventory.
  • /rules: view the server rules that all players must obey to play on this server.
  • /trade: safely trade with another nearby player.
    • /trade request PlayerName
      This sends a trade request to the other player. Then he does:
    • /trade accept
  • /played: view the total time played on the server.
  • /ma: MobArena related commands:
    • /ma join
      Join the mob arena, if a game isn’t currently going on.
    • /ma spectate
      Join the mob arena as a spectator. Works even if a game is in progress.
    • /ma leave
      Leave the mob arena and get the rewards you have earned so far.


Commands available to Rank: Iron, Gold and Diamond [how to get it?]

  • /hat: This command allows you to place any normal block on your head as a hat.
  • /mail send: Send in-game mail to other players on the server, even if they’re offline.
  • /back: Instantly teleport you to the place where you died, so you can pick up your items and continue playing immediately.
  • /afk: Mark yourself as AFK to other players on the server.
  • /kit ironpack: You get a kit once every 24 hours that has the following items
    • 64 redstone
    • 256 cobble
    • 16 iron ingots


Commands available to Rank: Gold and Diamond [how to get it?]

  • /tpa: Teleport yourself to other players, anywhere on the map (Except the Mob Arena).
  • /tpahere: Teleport other players to your location.
  • /kit goldpack: You get a kit once every 24 hours that has the following items:
    • 64 redstone
    • 256 cobble
    • 16 iron ingots
    • Diamond Pickaxe
    • 5 grass blocks
    • 10 sand blocks


Commands available to Rank: Diamond [how to get it?]

  • /kit diamondpack: You get a kit once every 24 hours that has the following items:
    • 64 redstone
    • 512 cobble
    • 32 iron ingots
    • Diamond Pickaxe
    • Diamond Shovel
    • 10 grass blocks
    • 10 sand blocks
    • 2 pig spawn eggs (perfect for breeding!)
    • 2 cow spawn eggs (perfect for breeding!)
    • 2 chicken spawn eggs (perfect for breeding!)
    • 2 sheep spawn eggs (perfect for breeding!)
    • 5 bookcases1 enchantment table

85 thoughts on “Commands

    1. ninja636bff

      my friend stellroxy has an island that I was on 4 a while and then I couldn’t join. she said she didn’t delete me off of her island and she cant re invite me.
      Whats Going On?!

    2. LaurennReko

      could you help me I am on a island with a friend and I cant get in touch because we both o on at different times and I left ther island to get something from the shop and know I cant get back on her island help!!!

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Good idea! And diamond donators everywhere will be forever confused why their account level is diamond but their kit name is goldpack πŸ™‚

      1. UNNGH

        hi heatseeker0 u have THE best server EVER! i just donated and i was the best decision i have ever made thanks again. πŸ˜€

      2. Vinnivom

        Hai Heatseeker0 i love youre server and everything but chould you change the diamond donator color to blue instead of gold? Please

        1. brunomars

          hey you know me right om that spam thing some booty said if you want to live in a casstel do /123 and i did that and it kiket me off of your cool server so is it ok if you can leet me play again pleas

          1. heatseeker0 Post author

            You got tricked by one of the oldest tricks in the book, and the automatic anti-spam banned you. I’ve unbanned you, but leaving this here in case anyone else is tempted to follow the “type 123” in future.

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Currently it’s not possible to have more than one owner for a given skyblock. Soon it will be possible though.

  1. CoolBlueDragon

    I love this server it is so cool all the shops and friends I have made in this server I spent more time playing on this server than I would on other servers the mob arena the ffa and the nether awesome thank you for making this server πŸ˜€

  2. DdogP36

    Oh how bout a mini game on the server besides ma and death trap how bout cookie slap or search and destroy or s. g. That would be cool I’m donating in march and be soooooo flippn happy πŸ™‚

  3. Sharkym02_


  4. elliot4212


  5. CoolBlueDragon

    Me to at first I thought it was skycoins because it was islands in the sky and the server was named mcspacecraft but then I learned that it was spacecoins

  6. Todddle

    is it possible to move the spawn point on your island? mine apparently is in an empty hole that kills me when i spawn there right now. i have item in my chest i want to keep though, so i dont want to delete my island and start over

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Yes it’s possible. If you have any way to get to your island in one piece, you can move it yourself. If not, let me know tonight in-game and I’ll do it for you.

      1. Todddle

        i cant get there without dying. could you change it for me and do i have to invite you to the island somehow? sorry, i havent been playing on this server very long

          1. Todddle

            i was actually able to get it. i just kept spawning on my island with one cobblestone and placed one at a time while falling to my death until i got a platform for me to spawn on. thank you for your help though

  7. Dynoboy44

    This server has always been the best since minecraft wars.

    I’m wondering where to find the hunt forum posts

    1. xplosion68

      he means iron heat, and brunomars if u wanna know how to make a iron farm search up the video on youtube made my docm77.

  8. elliott2526

    heat i think he means iron. he probably miss spelled it also i was wondering if you could advertise my friends warp heat i would really be happy if you did also i love the server i donated to diamond pack best server ever heat.

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Thank you, every donation helps keep the server open and expand it with more fun things for everyone to enjoy. I don’t advertise any warps, sorry.

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      It’s somewhat true. As more servers open, we might need to expand the moderator team a little. We shall see.

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Since we’re cool, there’s going to be another public server soon. That’s what I’ve been working on, amongst other things.

  9. fatmanoldjoe

    I love your server i am a goldpack and one day i will become a diamond and i want to give you a yell and tell you a found a glitch on this server how to make signs double and i all ready told a mod so ask him for some more info : M00n and Marked and one more i forgot his name but still i help you can fixed the bug and i congrats you on your amazing susses on this server and help you have a good time.

  10. digga

    got a question where can i find a list of the skyblock challenegs on line ( when i type in /challenges it scrolls to fast to read) I’m new to this server so any help is appreciated. thanks

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      In game you can simply do /challenges list. It will show you the first few challenges for you to complete. It doesn’t show the full list at once so you can see them all on-screen when you press t.

      When you have the required items for one of the challenges in your inventory, do /challenges complete . If successful it will (sometimes, though not always) take the required items, and give you 1 gold ingot in return.

      When you’ve completed the first challenges, do /challenges list 1, then 2, then 3 and so on to see more of them.

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      The island commands on this server start with /island, not /is. Also there’s no need to lock your island. Islands don’t expire on this server.

  11. MaxLikeSteel

    :/ i want to play alot in a good skyblock server but i cant becaue i am not premium so if you wish me to play with you can you make it public(not only premium). Thanks alot if you do it and i will have finaly some fun

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      I realize not everyone can afford to buy a copy of Minecraft however we fully support Mojang and the game they made. If you’d like to play on our servers you have to have bought Minecraft.

  12. Penguin694

    i was playing skyblock and i cant add another player to my island ive tried to /island add and her name but when i do it says she dosent exsist ?

  13. deobitec12345

    I’m sorry to be a bother, but I have a few ques that I can’t seem to find online.
    1:) I’ve seen players with spawners. How would they be able to get them?
    2:) my brother doesn’t want to coop any more beggars he wants to join my island and leave his old island to the kid he’s cooping with. Is that possible? He left a sign asking the player to uncoop him, but he hasn’t done that
    And 3:) I’m guessing I’m probably missing something kind of obvious, but how can I change my island settings?
    I’m sorry this is a lot. I really appreciate you reading through this all. Thank you.

    1. deobitec12345

      Oh, and these questions all apply to skyblock. I’m sorry I didn’t mention that at first. Thanks again!!!


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