Animal Protection updated

In addition to the previous protections, now is no longer possible to shear sheep or mooshrooms on islands you’re not a member of.

And… only white sheep can be dyed. If that sheep has another color, re-dyeing it is not possible for *anyone* including island members. This is primarily to protect those that buy lapis with real money and want to keep them blue from anyone else.

Enjoy a safer skyblock! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Animal Protection updated

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Pigs breed with carrots. Also make sure you have less than 120 animals in total on your island, since there’s a limit. Usually people have a lot of chickens, and that prevents other more useful animals to breed. If neither of these is correct, contact me in-game and I’ll check.

  1. the_einteins

    Does animal protection include villagers? And can you add emeralds to the vote shop and/or normal shop so I can trade with my villager?

    1. heatseeker0 Post author

      Yes, villagers are protected. I will add emeralds to the vote shop. In the meantime depending on your luck with villager recipes, some offer emeralds for sale.

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