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Skyblock 1.6.2 Bugfixes & Updates

Many dwarven carpenters have been secretly employed to fix your homes. Why dwarves you ask? They’re tiny, and they’re damn good at what they do. Just make sure you don’t step on one when getting into bed next time, okay? Because your beds are once again working properly. Or /home. Both work. Hopefully. Blame the dwarves if yours doesn’t.

Threatened to be hunted down to extinction, horses have been quickly added to the endangered animal species. You should no longer be able to damage, kill or fish a horse. Something is really fishy here. I mean, just think at a 2000 lb horse on a fishing pole. How you’d call it anyway, horse on a stick?

Ever tried to ride a horse you don’t own without owner permission? Yea, me either. So now you shouldn’t be able to ride tamed horses if you’re not their owner anymore. Nor rename them.

Shouldn’t even mention this, but you’re no longer able to *ahem* “borrow” other people horse armor or saddles they placed on their horses. Not that anyone did it anyway. Right? RIGHT?

Taming animals on other people islands? Not anymore, get your own animal to play with.

Minecraft Skyblock 1.6.2 Upgrade

How to get horses, horse armor and related stuff you ask? 3 ways:

1. Use /kit horse in game. This is a one time thing, so make sure you’re on your island when spawning your horses.

2. There’s a new villager at spawn named Horse Vendor. It sells all horse related stuff for ghast tears.

3. Finally, for those of you that wish to support the server and help pay the bills, I’ve set up a horse package in Buycraft. It has all 3 horse armor types, 4 spawn eggs, leads and a name tag. You can check it out here: . Thank you!

The upgrade to 1.6.2 is finally upon us. After a lot of things happened, mostly unrelated to Minecraft or the servers, I was able to sit down and finish updating all plugins on all 3 servers.

Minecraft 1.6.2 UpdateSo we’re ready to update, and it has been scheduled for tomorrow morning. The approximate date and time is Jul 29, 2013 at 9:00 AM GMT. To see what time it will be for you, check out the following link: Skyblock Update to 1.6.2 Maintenance Time

The expected downtime for maintenance while updating all servers in the network will be approximately 30 minutes.

Horses anyone? Yee-haa! 🙂

Update 09:07AM – Servers have been brought down for maintenance. Estimated maintenance time: 30 mins
Update 09:33AM – Main Skyblock server has been updated. Started testing for errors, it’s not yet available to players.
Update 09:42AM – Herding Llamas. Maintenance almost done.
Update 09:46AM – Maintenance complete. Skyblock server is updated to 1.6.2 and running. Connect and enjoy.

In a few hours after getting some proper sleep I’ll update the rest of the servers. For now Survival Games is down until it’s updated. Sorry.

All servers in the network have been updated to 1.6.2, including Survival Games. They’re up & running. Enjoy 🙂

Minecraft 1.6 update progress

Just thought to give everyone a sneak peek on what’s going on behind the scenes.

In the past we had it easier, since it was just Skyblock and a bunch of plugins. Now with an entire network of servers, there are many more things to take care of before I can upgrade. Also, because all the servers are connected to each other, gotta upgrade them all at once.

Due to this, it’s taking a bit more than it used to in the past. But progress has been good, and almost everything is updated to 1.6. There are just a handful plugins I must change slightly to work with the new version and then we can upgrade it all in one go. I expect this to happen in about 14 – 16 hours from now.

How to play Minecraft 1.5.2 after update

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Mojang will issue later today the 1.6(.1) update. I’m about half done with updating our server to be compatible with it. Due to the massive changes inside the game code, this will take a bit longer, perhaps a day or two more.

In the meantime, here’s how you will be able to easily connect to the Skyblock (and Survival Games) after the update. First, download the new launcher from here:

Then start it and follow the instructions below. To increase the pictures size, simply click on them.

New Minecraft Launcher Start Screen

Step 1: Click on New Profile.

Minecraft 1.5.2 Profile

Step 2: Enter a profile name. It can be anything you want, here I’ve entered Minecraft 1.5.2 to make it easy for me to remember what’s the profile about.

Step 3: Click on the box next to Use version, scroll down to release 1.5.2 and click on it.

Step 4: Verify all other settings match the ones in the image above, then click on Save Profile.

Minecraft 1.5.2 Play

Step 5: Click on the box next to Profile, and select the name you’ve entered at step 2 above. Enter your username and password.

Hit Play.

You can follow this tutorial even now, before the release, so you can connect and play Skyblock and at the same time experiment with the new things in 1.6 in single player.

I’ll update with a new post when we update the server to 1.6. Enjoy 🙂