Monthly Archives: November 2012

DDOS attack undergoing

Our server is currently sustaining a DDOS attack. We’re working with our hosting provider to block the source of attack as soon as possible.

My apologies if the game might be a bit laggy.

I’ll update this notice when the attack has been completely isolated.

UPDATE: The attack has been completely isolated with the amazing help from our hosting provider. The server’s up and running, and we added some additional protection measures. I’ll post about it soon.

Lesser known Skyblock commands

In the tutorials section for today I’d like to remind you of 2 lesser known skyblock commands.

The first one is mostly for bragging rights:


It will return the time you’ve been online and playing on this Minecraft server.

Ever had this player that annoyed the crap out of you, and you simply wish they’d stop? It’s simple, and you have the power to do it yourself:

/ignore PlayerName

So say there’s a player named superannoyingdude, you do /ignore superannoyingdude and that player can no longer message you, nor you see his messages in global chat.

Skyblock animal protection updated

About a week ago due to the number of incidents with people killing animals on skyblock islands they don’t own and aren’t a member of, we’ve made a Minecraft plugin to prevent it.

And because you are so smart and creative, you’ve figured out you can still kill them with snowballs. Or with a bow and arrows.

Not anymore. We’ve just applied an update to the farm animal protection plugin. Now it is no longer possible to kill ’em on skyblock islands you don’t own by any means including: bare hands, melee weapons (sword, pickaxe, etc.), snowballs, bow and arrows or splash potions.

The plugin protects the following animal types: cow, sheep, chicken, pig and mooshroom. So keep them in a pen with a protected door and they should be safe from intruders.

Of course members of the same island can kill the animals on their own island. As with everything else, don’t invite strangers or people you don’t trust to your own skyblock.


ATMs at Spawn Working Again

The ATMs at spawn were disabled yesterday due to a major error in how the plugin was designed. The error caused a lot of load on the Minecraft server, and thus some lag on your end.

After rewriting the plugin from scratch, it’s now lightweight and very fast with little to no resource consumption.

Now there’s no limit on how much money you can earn, and if you happen to forget to collect your wages they’re now automatically deposited to your account when you log off.

And to compensate everyone for the time when the ATMs were disabled I’ve doubled the hourly income for the time being.

Enjoy 🙂

Skyblock PvP Arena Now Open

Well, you’ve asked for a PvP Arena. You have a PvP Arena now 🙂

The games start every 5 minutes, and there is no limit of how many players can join. The event type is Free for All. The last player alive wins the game, 100 Space Coins and 30 XP.

To join the games, watch for the announcement in chat and then join with /ffa join.

If you simply want to spectate, you can /warp arenapvp

Donators are NOT allowed to fly in the pvp arena!

Enjoy, and let me know if you notice any bugs.

Animal protection

A lot of animal wars have been going in the past days, where someone from a neighboring island would come on a skybridge and start shooting with a bow and kill your animals, or jump on your island and kill your cows, chicken, or what have you.

Well, from now on you can no longer kill animals on other people islands. If you try, you’ll get a message like “This animal is not yours and you cannot kill it.”

People you’ve added to your own skyblock have the same rights as you do. They can build, destroy and kill anything on it. So keep this in mind when adding strangers to your own island.

Have a safe and fun experience on the best Minecraft Skyblock server, where we listen to our players needs!

New 1.4 items added on Skyblock

All the food items from the Pretty Scary update have just been added to the Skyblock server:

  • carrots
  • golden carrots (if you have gold to spare to craft one)
  • potatoes / poisoned potatoes
  • don’t forget you can bake them, and make baked potatoes
  • and finally: Pumpkin pies!

The potatoes and carrots are for sale at the vote shop. Check out the villagers at spawn.

And finally, don’t forget you can cultivate both the carrots and potatoes. Heard bone meal does wonders 😉

Enjoy the new items, just in time for Halloween.